Гонка в парке Кинта-да-Боа-Виста

03 февраля 1952 года…

…в дворцово-парковом комплексе Рио-де-Жанейро «Кинта-да-Боа-Виста» в седьмой раз в истории прошли одноимённые автомобильные гонки (Circuit da Quinta da Boa Vista).

Перед стартом механики пилой нарезали дополнительные канавки на шинах

he last of the Brazilian series.

The third and final competition of the program in Brazil in which Fangio participates. The race was held in the San Cristobal district of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In qualifying, Fangio takes pole position Gonzalez followed by 1.4 seconds.

The race was held in the rain that forced cut back on 25 laps. In the first few laps, it was a close fight between Fangio and Gonzalez, but after a few laps and when Gonzalez was on the tip suffered mechanical problems and was overtaken by Fangio and Landi. From there, the dispute is concentrated between them, until the fall of the checkered flag.
The final classification was: Fangio, Landi and Nello Pagani third.

In the race there was the death of a spectator, after the Talbot Pinheiro Pires after an accident, out of track.

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